Line in the Sand

I’m not a pastor, nor am I a great scholar of some kind, but there comes a time and point where; if you are a Christian, (and when I say Christian I mean that you know you are a sinner and have trusted Jesus to rule over you life) that God will draw a line in the sand, metaphorically speaking of course, if you persist in a ‘ habit or addiction that is not biblical or honoring to Him.


Why am I writing about this:

  • I do it because it is happening to me.
  • I struggled with an addiction that was unbiblical.
  • I trust Christ as my savior, but for many years
  • I fed the addiction, returning to my knees in naive repentance, begging God to take the habit away.

Of course, God is faithful, and by his mercy did not reject me when I had sinned so many times willfully, and then again returning to a prayer of “Forgive me God, take this out of my heart.”

Granted, God forgave me – he forgave me the first time I cried out. But there was a problem: despite all my praying and proclaiming that the habit was sinful, I never made it a priority to fight against it. You may have a habit; it can be anything, that God has shown you is wrong. You do it, you repent, and you do it again. Once more I want to say that God is faithful and very merciful.

However there will come a time when he will require you to stand against that sin—God will draw a line in the sand and will command you to make a choice: either start learning how to fight the sin or you will forever be a slave to it.

It’s hard. I know; I’m learning to fight a habit right now – but as you have read before in my articles “Hard things must be done.” God will draw a line in the sand for you eventually, and you’ll have to make a decision: fight, learn and grow or shame, regret, and pain. Usually, I try to be upbeat, but sin is deadly and if you’re a Christian a tainted testimony is no testimony at all. You represent Jesus- this doesn’t mean you are perfect, but it does mean that you rely on Jesus to make a way of escape from that temptation and fight.

If you fail, don’t give up. Fall to your knees in repentance, return to your feet and fight again – proclaiming the word of God, reading the Bible, praying as the temptation takes place.

Charles Stanley has this saying that I take to heart: “You fight your battles on your knees.” Pray as the temptation takes place to do what the Bible says (paraphrasing): Resist the devil and draw close to God. Prayer is drawing close to God.

If you’re going to defeat an unbiblical habit you have to stop feeding it. You can pray until you can’t pray anymore, but if you continue to feed your appetite it will destroy you. If you reading this, I believe you are a Christian not just in word, but you have truly trusted Jesus to forgive your sins, but there is something, just like me, that has a hold on you. I’m learning to fight by praying as the temptation happens and starving my appetite. You have to too.

Jesus was right when he said, and I paraphrase: Some things will not go away but by fasting and prayer. God will draw a line in the sand one day for you, what will you decide to do.