How to Hear God Speak

I had always heard people from church and in my family saying how God spoke to them, and I thought that they were absolutely crazy. I mean, I believed in God and everything but I just didn’t understand how this invisible “thing” actually spoke to people and they heard it. I will admit that was wrong of me but I’m sure I’m not the only one in that place.

How to Hear God Speak

When I became a Christian and started reading the Word, I was able to see the many ways God appeared and spoke to his people in the Old Testament but still how do I hear God was a question I always pondered. I was going to church, reading my Bible – what I could understand of it anyway, and praying so what was the problem? We’re my ears not in tune? Was I not a true Christian because I couldn’t hear what everyone else so clearly heard? Well the answer is no!

Many people including Christians who have been going to church for years have yet to hear the voice of God, but I believe that is because they are not truly seeking it. The Bible says knock and it will be opened, seek and you will find. God is always there speaking to us to guide us in each and every step of our lives. We often miss out and overlook God’s voice because we want to do things in our own way so our ears become deaf to what God is actually trying to say.

God speaks to us in many different ways

  1. By way of his Word. The Bible is the living word of God, and anything that you may face the Bible has the answer to help you out. A lot of Christians do not read their bibles because they say they don’t understand them or don’t have time, but your bible is your main ear in hearing what God has to say. Suppose you have a question about something, and you need to know what God is telling you to do; lets say your question is should I steal money to buy food for my family? You know stealing is wrong but you are troubled because it is for a good cause, the bible says thou shall not steal and that the Lord is our provider. So there is your answer, God will take care of things when you hear him and trust him.
  2. By way of other people. Don’t always be so quick to get upset when your mother-in-law is telling you what to do in your marriage or when your dad is down your throat about your lifestyle. God may be using them as vessels to get a point or message across to you. So if you have been praying about something and all of a sudden someone is speaking to you about it, that just maybe God using them.
  3. By way of signs. you could simply be watching a TV program or listening to the radio when a show or song could minister to you and make you change your view of something, answer a question you have been searching or bring you to repentance.
  4. By bringing about tragedy. it is often in our worst times that God speaks to us, calling us to him. Things spiral out of control and we have nowhere to look but up, This is God speaking to you.

When I finally opened my ears I was able to hear God, the sky didn’t open and out came this deep voice, but by his written word, other people, and the things that happen around me I now know when God is telling me something.

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