Christian Online Resources for Research and Education

If you’re a Christian and would like to learn more about God’s Word, or perhaps are debating on a message board and need to look up a quick Bible verse, there are some wonderful online resources available to you. You can find free resources like online Bibles, study helps, and even an online Bible College! Here are my three favorite free resources that you can access online:


E-Sword is a free program that you can download for your own use. Not only can you download several different Bible versions (including King James), you can also download different modules with topical notes and reference works. Some modules, like the New King James Version of the Bible or the Life Application Study Bible Notes, have to be purchased.

E-Sword allows you to look up verses of the Bible, search for words, and take your own notes. Notes are integrated on the page with each Bible chapter. You are able to change the size of the various sections of the programs. E-Sword also has tools to help you keep track of your prayer requests and scripture memorization.

E-Sword is available for Windows machines or Pocket PC. The user interface can be downloaded in several different languages. A Macintosh version is not available.

Bible Gateway

When I want to look up a quick verse, Bible Gateway is usually my first stop. Bible Gateway contains more than 100 different Bible versions in several different languages. You can look up a passage by scripture reference or by phrase. For comparison purposes, you can view up to five different Bible versions simultaneously. Bible Gateway even has an audio Bible available in six English versions, Spanish, Slovak, Farsi, or Low German.

Bible also has a topical index. You can choose to save your preferences, but I have found that the program usually forgets my preferences fairly quickly. That’s my only problem with this program, because it’s default Bible version is NIV, which I don’t particularly care for.

Online Bible College

Online Bible College is another resource that I like a lot. It’s not usually the source to go to if you’re in the middle of a debate and need to look up something quick, but I learn a lot when I go there, and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to learn more about Jesus. Online Bible College is free to everyone, although if you plan on continuing on for a degree at a more traditional Bible College, there is an accredited program available for a fee.

Online Bible College offers four courses: a Biblical Studies Course, a Practical Ministry Course, Discovering Jesus and Developing A Devotional Lifestyle. For easy lessons where you can learn about the life and times of Jesus, Discovering Jesus is excellent. The Biblical Studies Course is another good place to start, although the lessons are much more involved and take more time.

At the end of every lesson there is a quick multiple choice test to fill out. You have to pass the test at the end in order to get the next lesson to unlock. You can take more than one course at a time, but you have to finish a lesson in order to move on in the course.

All of the courses are well researched and include footnotes. They are written from a Bible-based viewpoint and do not include denominational traditions, so if you are looking for a Catholic or tradition-heavy denomination, it might not be exactly what you are looking for, but it still might be worth checking out.