Can a Christian Be Psychic?

The first time that I ever heard the term “Christian psychic” was when I randomly typed in the keyword “Christian psychic” on a google search. I was surprised to see that over 4 million sites came up that had something to do with Christian psychics. I later learned that a Christian psychic is someone that believes in Jesus Christ and has the ability to foretell the future.


When I compared the term to a Christian prophet I noticed that both of the words had a very similar meaning. For instance, a Christian psychic is someone that has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior and a Christian prophet has the same similar meaning. Christian churches have their prophets just as psychic hotlines have their Christian psychics.

The Christian psychic is someone that has a unique talent for prophesying. He or she can see into the past, present and future. The Christian psychic is someone that believes that they have a call to the ministry and it’s someone that can give a client a true and accurate message.

Many people that use the psychic hotlines today are from a Christian background. It’s no longer a fact that people that call the psychic hotlines are just people that are new age. In today’s society, you can be Christian or non-Christian and still call the psychic hotlines. We have so many people calling the psychic hotlines today that are looking for psychics that can share the same or similar belief as they do. It’s interesting to find this in today’s society because years ago, most people looked at psychics as individuals that are out to take someone’s money and who worshipped the devil.

If you were to say publicly that all psychics worship the devil in today’s society, you would receive a lot of arguments and a very diverse opinion. Is it because more and more people are calling or have called the psychic hotline? Are more people aware of the fact that psychics come from various backgrounds and their religious beliefs vary?

What do you personally believe? Perhaps you have called a Christian psychic in the past. Did you find them to be Christian? Do you see the keyword term prophet the same as the keyword term psychic? What is really the difference?

Many people believe that psychics should not charge money for giving readings and prophets should not either. However, in today’s society, we have both Christian psychics and prophets charging money for readings. Does it matter what name we put on it? I believe that we must judge a person by their fruits. We must see what a person is about before we decide on how we are going to judge them.

It is a known fact that just because a prophet calls themself a prophet does not mean that they are a prophet. The same goes for a psychic. What is it that makes prophets and psychics different? From my research, I did not find any difference. Most religions have their prophets. All religions don’t recognize all of the prophets of one another’s faiths. We must assume then that anyone that calls themself a Christian psychic may indeed be a Christian prophet. It’s something that we need to take a careful look at if we are ever to accept one another for who we are.

Every time that I hear a person call themselves a prophet, I get scared because I think of someone like David Koresh and when I hear the word psychic, I think of people like John Edward. I like John Edward because he is known for spreading peace and love. I don’t like David Koresh because in 1993 he killed innocent people and himself. The point here is that not all psychics are evil and not all prophets are like David Koresh.

We must conclude then that a Christian psychic may be someone that you may or may not accept as a Christian. In my opinion, you should never judge a book by its cover. You should only look at a person for who they are inside.